Richard Moss

Richard Moss is a powerful guitar player and a fine singer from Blackburn equally at ease with folk, ragtime, blues and contemporary fingerstyle. His driving percussive and rhythmic guitar skills are blended with subtle fingerstyle playing making him in high demand as a soloist and as a skilled accompanist for singers and traditional melody players.

Richard currently performs with Ribble Valley Trad Irish powerhouse band Drop The Floor, Mike Harding and the William Small Small Orchestra, top Ceilidh band Union Street and with Malaysian Jazz guitarist Az Samad with their duo project Squirrels in Space.


“…There are at least two reasons to listen to the debut solo album ‘Back to the Yellow Hills’ from Richard Moss … outstanding guitar work and a richly accented, warm singing voice … there’s far more of course but these strike you first and remain to the last. There’s a visceral honesty and an abundance of feeling flowing through this album, its exploration of tradition from the Northwest of England, its journey through 19th century Blackburn poetry, and its presentation of highly accomplished arrangements and self-penned songs…
…Plying his trade across various genres and multiple bands, this is Moss showing that folk music has much to gain from his